Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marie Antoinette and Axel Fersen

My article is here: A Romantic Friendship


Matterhorn said...

Good article. Thanks.

Ms. Lucy said...

There was and still is much speculation about this; however the matter has come to rest with the fact that he was a very good friend of not only of the Queen but also the King- nd quite instrumental in helping them at various points. Many lurid accounts of Marie Antoinette are out there, but mostly all unsubstantiated. I've found Maria Elena Vidal's book: TRIANON on the life of Marie Antoinette a very enlightening read that puts many of these insinuations to rest, while giving this poor queen the respect she duly deserves. Thanks for your post Viola.

Viola said...

Thank you very much, Matterhorn and Ms.Lucy. I am interested in reading Trianon. I love to read Maria Elena's blog.

Vincent Cronin's biography is very interesting and descriptive. He is very sympathetic to Marie Antoinette, but he does suggest that she had an affair with Fersen. However, it's a wonderful book otherwise!

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