Saturday, August 1, 2009

Antonia Fraser Mourns Marie-Antoinette

The distinguished biographer, Antonia Fraser, tells The Guardian that the Tatler got it wrong: The Tatler Got It Wrong About Me and Marie Antoinette .

I hope to write a longer post soon!


Matterhorn said...

Wow, interesting. I don't think I would go so far as to wear mourning for my favorite historical characters- but it's actually a nice thought.

Ms. Lucy said...

I loved that article..and in a way, like she says, she did in fact profit from all those I guess, she does have to pay her yearly respects;) This is great, I'm soo looking forward to a subsequent post on this from you! Thanks:)

Viola said...

It is an interesting subject. Thank you, Ms.Lucy and Matterhorn. It's a lovely idea to mourn historical figures but I think that it's hard enough to cope with the deaths of family members and friends!

I will write more about this subject, Ms.Lucy!

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