Sunday, March 21, 2010

Over The Top Award

Since we last met I've walked around the Golden Mount in Bangkok, been lost in beautiful San Gimignano, lamented being snowed in in Venice, and had a sleepless night on a train from Venice to Paris. I apologise for being away for so long but I had a lovely holiday.

Now that I'm back I hope to write about Princess Louise this week.

Kittie Howard of The Block has very kindly given me the Over The Top Award and asked me to pass it on to five blogs that I like. Here they are:

Ms.Lucy of Enchanted by Josephine

Hels of ART and ARCHITECTURE, Mainly

Cheryl of The Princess Palace

The Aesthete's Lament

Evangeline of Edwardian Promenade and

Catherine Delors of Versailles and More

There are many other blogs that I love so I may add some more later.


Hels said...

You have been touring the great sights of the world and are apologising for not blogging often enough? hehe.

Thanks for the award. There are some terrific history blogs so I feel quite proud to receive a special mention.

Cheryl Anderson Brown said...

Thanks for the award!! I am deeply honored--and extremely excited!!

Evangeline Holland said...

Oh thank you!! I haven't gotten online until now and I see this awesome news! Thank you!

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