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The Fairy Princess

Princess Patricia's parents chose the name 'Patricia' for her because she was born on St.Patrick's Day in 1886. Her first name was 'Victoria' after her grandmother, Queen Victoria.

The Princess lived in different countries during her childhood and adolescence. Together with her parents and older siblings, Princess Margaret and Prince Arthur, she lived in India and Canada.

Nicknamed 'Princess Pat', she
was an attractive and charming girl who was matched with many suitors, including the kings of Spain and Portugal, Alfonso and Manuel. She was also matched with the Russian Grand Duke Michael. She apparently refused to even be in the same room as Prince Alfonso. According to the New York Times, this enabled her beautiful cousin, Ena, to seize her chance. She apparently begged her reluctant uncle, King Edward VII, to let her marry the future King.

She'd been associated with so many suitors that she was surrounded by an aura of romance. The press nicknamed her 'the fairy princess.'

Princess Patricia in Canada

Princesss Patricia's father became the Governor-General of Canada in 1912. As her mother was ill, 'Princess Patsy' hosted parties and dinners for her father. The Canadians liked her charm and love of outdoor sports so she became popular in Canada. She also did a lot of charity work.

The family returned to England and the Princess's mother died in 1917. However, the Princess became the Colonel-in-Chief of a Canadian regiment named after her, the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry. The Princess designed their badge and colours. She personally embroidered the first colour of her regiment.

Princess Patricia's Marriage

Princess Patricia eventually married the naval commander, Captain Alexander Ramsay, in Westminster Abbey. She relinquished her royal titles becoming Lady Patricia Ramsay but she remained in the line of succession. They eventually lived in Ribsden Hall in Windlesham which she inherited from her aunt, Princess Louise.

The couple had one child, Alexander. He also became a Captain in the forces and lost a leg in World War Two.

Princess Patricia's Art

Like her aunt, Princess Louise, 'Patsy' was a talented artist. She was taught by A.S. Hartrick, who had known Gaugain and Van Gogh. The Princess travelled to many different countries with her husband and liked to paint tropical landscapes.

She left over 600 paintings behind when she died in 1974.


Lucy said...

I didn't even know this about Princess Patricia!

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Kittie Howard said...

We have Canadian friends who've mentioned Princess Patricia...but I didn't realize the connection. Happy I scrolled down and read Prince Arthur's post first...we've had tons of houseguests so I'm just now getting back into my routine. I'm clueless as to how all these ads would appear on your blog without initiating it. I suggest you contact Google for there may have been a glitch on their end...perhaps there's a similar blog title out or not, I love your blog!!

Viola said...

Hi Ms. Lucy,

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Viola said...

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Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Viola darling, I was directed to your blog, by my dear friend Kittie Howard of The Block. Luv, your blog is bursting at the seams with informative and interesting posts. I am delighted I took her advice and looked your blog up now I have an interesting world to visit on daily basis.

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Viola said...

Hello Duchess,
What a lovely occupation. Can I live in your beautiful cottage too?
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I must admit that I usually only blog once a week. I hope to have more time soon, though. Then I can write more posts.

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