Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome Prince William!

Prince William Visits Australia - Day 1

Welcome to the very handsome Prince William who is visiting Australia. He visited Redfern which shows a caring side and he won the hearts of most of us, I am sure.

I hope that the 'Prince of Hearts' enjoys his stay.


Kittie Howard said...

Super, Viola, you're back (and I'm getting over a cold so may have missed a bit). I just love Prince William. He's going to do just fine when his time comes.

Viola said...

Thank you, Kittie. I can't say that it's good to be back, though!
It's over 90 degrees here with high humidity. It was almost as bad in Sydney on a few days but it has a much better climate.

Prince William's just gorgeous, isn't he? I would have liked to be that girl that he kissed! I hope that he'll be King of Australia when his time in the sun arrives!

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