Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anna Pavlova and the Kaiser

Anna Pavlova was very frightened. Her lipstick had left a red mark on the Kaiserin's pristine white glove! She saw the upset look on the Empress's face. The great Russian ballerina apologised profusely. Luckily the Kaiser told her that it didn't matter.

It was May, 1914. The ethereal ballerina had just danced in a command performance for the Kaiser's grandson's christening. The Kaiser was very impressed.

During their conversation afterwards Pavlova told him that she kept in condition by exercising every day as she had been trained. The Kaiser agreed that 'that was the only way to succeed.'

He was also very pleased when she told him that she disliked the tango, a dance that was becoming more popular. The Kaiser also hated this 'immoral' dance.

Pavlova was happy after the performance. The Kaiser had allayed her concerns about the glove, perhaps partly because he liked his conversation with her. If she had marked the Tsarina's glove, she thought that there may have been serious consequences!

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Matterhorn said...

What a beautiful photograph. Ballerinas always seem to be beautiful...

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