Sunday, January 30, 2011

Princess Mathilde's Tudor Rose Brooch

One of Princess Mathilde's most beautiful pieces of jewellery was the tudor rose brooch. This large, glimmering brooch, created by the famous Parisian jeweler, Theodore Foster, in 1855, was in the shape of an open rose with two rose buds and eleven leaves. It had thousands of Brazilian green rose-cut diamonds mounted in silver-topped gold.

The gorgeous brooch was sold in 1904 after the Princess's death. Janesich, the Art Deco jeweler, acquired it. It was eventually sold by Cartier to Mrs Cornelius Vanderbilt, a society queen of New York. It came into the hands of the jeweler, Fred Leighton.

Model, Chandra North, looked extremely glamorous when she wore the lovely brooch as a hair ornament to an event in 1998. The brooch was sold by Christie's in 2004 for $701,900. You can see a picture of the brooch here: Tudor Rose Brooch

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