Friday, October 30, 2009

My Muse is Cleo!

My Muse is Cleo

Remembering Anastasia Bra

Artist Anne Spennachio created a lavish bra in rich colors which is decorated with crystal beading as a tribute to the Grand Duchess Anastasia, one of the daughters of Nicholas II and Alexandra.

Anne is one of a group of artists who have created Art Bras in aid of women suffering from breast cancer. These are featured in an exhibit in Philadelphia and in the Way to Wellness annual calendars. You can see a picture of the bra here: Remembering Anastasia bra

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queen Victoria: Ten Secrets

Cheryl Anderson Brown, who runs the lovely blog Princess Palace, has written a very interesting post about Queen Victoria: Queen Victoria's Secrets: Ten Things You Don't Know>

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Princess Lesson: Princess Victoria

Queen Victoria by Winterhalter

Princess Victoria felt her feverish forehead and groaned. She threw off her bedclothes in an effort to become cooler. She thought that she was near death in her more lucid moments.

The princess opened her eyes to see the dark figure of John Conroy, who dominated her mother, entering the room. He demanded that she sign a document. The princess knew that her mother, the Duchess of Kent, wanted to be Regent when Victoria came to the throne and that Conroy would then have control. She refused repeatedly as her mother and Conroy begged for her signature over and over again.

Princess Victoria had had to endure the 'Kensington system' for most of her life. This involved all of her actions being reported to Conroy. The princess couldn't associate with other children, was never left alone, and slept in her mother's room.

After she reached the golden age of 18 Victoria's mother tried to blackmail her into appointing Conroy as her advisor and Conroy threatened to lock her up and starve her if she didn't submit to their demands.

When the princess became Queen she removed her mother to distant rooms and eventually got rid of Conroy. When she married Prince Albert she was finally free.

Princess Victoria showed great strength of character by refusing to be dominated by her mother and the evil Conroy. Follow her example and don't let yourself be told what to do too easily. Trust your instincts and think for yourself if you don't agree with advice.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Prize! Marie-Antoinette's Paper Dolls

I'm back and ready to start blogging again! I'm tired after my holiday so I'm having a rest today.

Marie-Antoinette was executed on the 16th October, 1793. I'm going to commomerate this sad occasion by offering a prize. The first person who correctly guesses where I just spent a few weeks will win a new copy of Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney. Clue: It's an incredibly beautiful country and I sometimes dream about living there because it has seasons. However, I have ties here and I'm a bit scared of earthquakes!

This is open to international readers. Enter by sending your answer here. You can email your address later if you win! You will have to wait a few weeks because I will have to buy the book and then send it.

Nobody seems to be interested in this prize yet! I'll leave it open. I hope to write a new post tomorrow.
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