Saturday, January 31, 2015

See The Queen's Wattle Brooch!

I was lucky enough to see the Queen's Wattle Spray brooch during my recent trip to Sydney. Our Queen's spectacular  wattle brooch is on display for three months at the Powerhouse Museum.  This brooch which features a design of yellow wattle and tea tree blossoms with 150 yellow and white diamonds was made by the Melbourne jewellers William Drummond & Co was presented to Her Majesty in 1954. People flocked to the window of the jewellers to see it in early February. She wore it on many occasions in 1954, including the Davis Cup.

It is not surprising that this lovely piece of jewellery is one of the Queen's favourite brooches, and she often wears it. I was a little surprised that the brooch, part of the exhibition 'A Fine Possession: Jewellery and Identity,' is right at the back of the collection, and not really prominent.  I thought that it should have been the centrepiece.  However, it is displayed with a video clip of the young Queen wearing it with dark blue, and it certainly looked beautiful!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Duke of Edinburgh Made A Knight

The irascible duke has been made a knight. What do you think?
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