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Tattoos Covered Siberian Princess

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The Weddings of the Six Wives: Part One

                              Catherine of Aragon's Splendid Wedding

Catherine of Aragon's splendid wedding to Prince Arthur on Sunday, November 14, 1501 was one of the most expensive royal weddings of all time.  No money was spared for the union of this young couple!

The huge church of old Saint Paul's, London looked resplendent with its colourful tapestries, glittering relics, and its other festive decorations.  A raised platform, covered in rich red baize, was built so that everyone could see the young couple but the King and Queen were able to watch the actual wedding ceremony privately through a separate door.

 Every eye turned to see the Princess when they heard the fanfare of trumpets which greeted her at the Galilee porch.  The pretty Princess was arrayed in a white satin gown with a train and a glittering Spanish-style veil of white and gold.  The veil contained pearls and other precious gemstones.  Like the Duchess of Cambridge, she had a long procession

The Princess and Prince exchanged vows of fidelity and promised to care for each other 'in sickness and in health' and 'for richer or poorer' during their glittering wedding ceremony. The wedding was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Deane. They then celebrated High Mass.

Afterwards, the marriage was celebrated with great rejoicing.  There were feasts, tournaments, masked balls, and plays.

Unfortunately, the couple had no children and Prince Arthur died five months later.  The Princess eventually married his younger brother, King Henry VIII.  They had one child, Princess Mary.  Many years later, he King fell in love with the charming and alluring Anne Boleyn King Henry worried that he had not been given an heir because he had married his brother's widow - according to a verse in Leviticus, this was a sin.  He obtained a 'divorce' so that he could marry his mistress, Anne Boleyn.  This started England on the path to the Reformation.

Catherine of Aragon as Mary Magdelene
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