Monday, June 26, 2017

Did Thomas Seymour Abuse Princess Elizabeth?

I like the film Young Bess so I got quite a shock when I read Aidan J McQuade's review of Lamentation by C J Sansom in which he criticised the movie-makers for changing the relationship between Thomas Seymour and Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth 1) into a romance.

Since then I have read two views about whether Thomas Seymour sexually abused the young princess. Susanna Lipscomb argues that he did in this article from History Extra, while Claire Ridgeway graciously gives Seymour the benefit of the doubt in this article from The Elizabeth Files.
Both writers present compelling cases.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Queen Visited Manchester Victims

Unfortunately, there has been another terrible terrorist attack in the UK since the Manchester bombing, so I am a bit late putting this up.

Harry Kisses Daphne

Prince Harry brought the English rain with him, unfortunately.  I don't think 97 year old Daphne minded, though: War Widow Steals Kiss.
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